Four common types of examinations are performed in our office: specific, emergency, general recall and new patient examinations.

  1. A specific examination is performed when a patient presents with a specific dental concern. This can involve a broken or chipped tooth, a gum problem, occasional pain or sensitivity issues. The examination can be as simple as stating "yes the tooth is broken and these are the options for its repair". A more involved examination can include a radiographic analysis, hot/cold and percussion tests, palpation analysis, gum pocket probing depths and a detailed history of the specific dental problem.
  2. An emergency examination is performed when a patient presents with a swelling or a dental situation which involves pain.
  3. When a patient attends a dental office at regular intervals for general cleanings, recall examinations are performed to assess for any changes to the teeth or gums since the the last visit.
  4. New patient examinations are performed when a patient first attends a dental office with a non-urgent dental problem. This complete examination involves:

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